Professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher

I started dancing as a ballroom dancer 26 years ago. As a ballroom dancer, I became the National Latin Ballroom Champion and the National European Salsa Champion.


As I continued my career with dancing, teaching and performing, I took part in many Salsa, Bachata, Samba de Gafieira, Brazilian Zouk and Argentinian Tango showcases. I was also cast as a performer in a Brazilian dance show called "BRAZOUKA" and I joined them on their tour for 6 months. 

I have been all around the world, participated in many dance festivals, collaborated and partnered with many international dance teachers. During this time I also focused on growing and strengthening the Brazilian Zouk communities (and I still do).


My dance journey still continues…


-Based in the magical Prague, Czech Republic

-Teaching regular progressive group classes of Brazilian Zouk and Argentinian Tango in Prague and all around the world

-Teaching private lessons and creating online programs

-Performing in various shows



Body movement preparation (for professional dancers and teachers too)

Regular progressive classes of Brazilian Zouk and Argentinian Tango

Private lessons for couples/groups

Dance shows and choreography

Dance schools for events

Online Zouk classes 

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