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What is Brazilian zouk? 

Get to know more about this beautiful dance

Brazilian zouk is a beautiful partner dance that finds its roots in Lambada dance that became a huge world hit when the band Kaoma released the song "Lambada." Lambada is a dance very much focused on hip movement. It's a very rhythmical dance and it's known for its sensual movement. In the past, Lambada was referred to as 'the forbidden dance'. Lambada music fizzled out toward the end of the 80s’ and people started to combine zouk music Lambada dance, this was the birth of Brazilian zouk. 


The music called zouk originated on Martinique and Guadeloupe which are part of the French Caribbean. Zouk music has its own dance style called zouk or zouk Love. There is often a common confusion between zouk and Brazilian zouk. Zouk has many forms and styles today such as Lambazouk-Zouklambada, Rio zouk, neo zouk, zouk and many others. Brazilian zouk has a unique and inspiring aspect that can implement deeper body awareness, limitless forms of movement, body techniques and expressions that create connection and a rich dance conversation.

Our Story

I always wished to have an amazing team. After many years of dancing and teaching alone,

I met four amazing and talented people that became my team.

Meet My Zouk Dream Team









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