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Brazilian Zouk is a beautiful partner dance that finds its roots in Lambada dance that became a huge world hit when the band Kaoma released the song "Lambada." Lambada is a dance very much focused on hip movement. It's a very rhythmical dance and it's known for its sensual movement. In the past, Lambada was referred to as 'the forbidden dance'. Lambada music fizzled out toward the end of the 80s’ and people started to combine Zouk music Lambada dance, this was the birth of Brazilian Zouk.
The music called Zouk originated on Martinique and Guadeloupe which are part of the French Caribbean. Zouk music has its own dance style called Zouk or Zouk Love. There is often a common confusion between Zouk and Brazilian Zouk. Zouk has many forms and styles today such as Lambazouk-Zouklambada, Rio Zouk, Neo Zouk, Zouk and many others. Brazilian Zouk has a unique and inspiring aspect that can implement deeper body awareness, limitless forms of movement, body techniques and expressions that create connection and a rich dance conversation.




What brought me to Zouk? 

I liked one girl, so I started taking lessons to see her. Good motivation is crucial. :-) 


Why should someone learn Zouk?


Because it is a beautiful non-verbal communication between (usually) two people, which expresses respect to one another.



What brought me to Zouk? 

Dancing has been part of my life since I was a kid. Street dance, salsa, bachata. For me, dancing is the chance to express myself, my feelings and the luxury of being myself. One day a friend of mine showed me a zouk video. In less than one week I attended my first zouk class and in one month i took part in my first zouk festival.


Why should someone learn Zouk?


Zouk is not just about learning figures but about feeling your body, realizing every single move, being connected and following your dance partner, playing with musicality. All of these are benefits you can get for sure. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends and make acquaintances.



What brought me to Zouk?

I discovered zouk mostly by accident. My friend took me to a salsa party and when we got there, people were dancing Zouk. We sat down, observed and I directly fell in love. By the end of the week I was registered for courses and haven’t stopped dancing since then.


Why should someone learn zouk?

Because you get not only many new friends, but also a few good ones. You get to coordinate and listen to your body, too. And the connection during the dance is just worth it.



What brought me to Zouk? 

I started dancing Zouk thanks to my then new girlfriend. She had been dancing Zouk for some time already, and I couldn't just stand aside.


Why should someone learn Zouk?


Zouk is a perfect dance to move your whole body and take control of it, from the toes to your head. In a fun way in a couple.

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